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Data management software for pullet rearers and egg producers


Intuitive Data Management

Take advantage of Eggbase software to organise, centralise and manage your pullet rearing and laying data with ease – for chicken, duck, quail and geese.

  • Achieve the ‘whole-life’ story of a flock by transferring rearing data to laying sheds.
  • Automatically receive grading results from your packer and ensure you are fully compliant with assurance schemes.
  • Analyse your financial margins on a weekly basis.
  • Compare against breed targets and performance indicators and benchmark performance across your own current and historical flocks and those of other pullet rearers and producers.

Improve data transparency through monitoring and analysing production data on a regular basis

  • House and flock placement
  • Passport details
  • Mortality
  • Bird weights and evenness
  • Bird movements
  • Egg collection
  • Checks and alarms
  • Feed and water consumption
  • Temperatures, humidity, lighting levels, litter scores, feather scores and red mite
  • On-farm feed and other deliveries
  • Legislative compliance
  • Salmonella testing regime with system prompts to ensure compliance
  • Medical and veterinary interventions with system prompts alerting users to potential issues at an early stage
  • Graded egg size distribution, average graded egg weight and egg sales price
  • Financial margins – weekly variable costs, weekly net margin and pullet depreciation
  • Management programmes
Using Eggbase software data can be recorded on a daily or weekly total basis and graphical representation interprets complex data for you.

Whole life story

Pullet data can be transferred to laying sheds to form the ‘whole-life’ story of a flock, whether you rear your own pullets, have contracted pullet rearers or have pullet customers.

  • Data sharing with your pullet customers promotes your company as open and innovative.
  • Data collaboration with your laying customers can give you feedback on your pullet rearing management strategies.

Benchmarking the ‘whole-life’ of flocks, using Eggbase software, can influence your choice of breed, choice of pullet and choice of feed.

Unlock The Power of Data
Unlock The Power of Data

Grading results and average weights

Analyse graded egg size distribution, average egg weight and sales prices both in graphical and tabular form.

  • Receive grading results automatically from your packer, regardless of whether they use our Eggbase software or not.
  • Our ‘Eggbase GLUE’ technology allows you to automatically upload grading results from non-Eggbase packers’ in-house data management systems including Nobles and Stonegate.

Efficient monitoring of egg size can take place if grading results are automatically sent from a packer within a few days of grading, ahead of notification of egg size with payment.

Enable your contracted pullet rearers or fellow producers

Enable your contracted pullet rearers or fellow producers to efficiently monitor their flock performance by entering into an Eggbase subscription arrangement with them.
Give yourself and your contracted pullet rearers or fellow producers faster and easier access to key performance indicators.

Benefit from remote access to your contracted pullet rearers or fellow producers’ data

Take advantage of cloud-based software to remotely gain access to your contracted pullet rearers or fellow producers’ flock performance data for efficient and cost-effective peer support. Benefit from the same logical data collection format across your contracted pullet rearers or fellow producers group.

Unlock The Power of Data


There are two different levels of benchmarking – performance across any of your own current and historical flocks and performance compared to other contracted pullet rearers or fellow producers’ flocks. There are many beneficial reasons to undertake benchmarking:

  • Performance analysis
  • Efficient & cost-effective peer support
  • Field support from feed suppliers or vets, for example – either on farm or remotely
  • Impose a data structure on large businesses
  • Collaborate in pullet trials, feed trials, medical trials or research projects
  • Influence choice of breed, choice of pullet & supplier, choice of feed & supplier or choice of management strategy
In addition to our standard real-time benchmarking reports, bespoke reports can be requested to carry out any particular project:

  • Identify production trends for different breeds
  • Evaluate the success of particular flock management techniques
  • Maintain your commercial confidentiality

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