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Eggbase and Glas Data

Making the agricultural IoT work for egg producers


Improved flock health and greater productivity

We are partnering with Cornish-based Glas Data to provide farmers and businesses, across the poultry sector, with Smart Poultry Sensors which enable the cost-effective data collection and innovative data analytics needed for improved flock health and greater productivity.

In an increasingly data-driven agricultural sector, the use of wireless sensors and connectivity enabled by the Internet of Things will give early adopters access to high-quality data for decision-making. Now, two of the most innovative companies in the sector have joined forces, in a synergistic agreement, to bring the combined benefits of IoT sensors and data analytics to poultry producers.

“We are delighted to have teamed up with Glas Data to offer Smart Poultry Sensors. Now is the perfect time for the poultry industry to embrace and exploit the power of our cloud-based data and sensor solutions.”

Anne Fleck, Managing Director, Eggbase Ltd

Innovative data collection and analysis by Eggbase

Eggbase is an innovative and independent provider of powerful software and data solutions specifically designed to promote the value of data for improving productivity throughout the farming sector. The software enables compliance, professionalism, accountability, chick and egg traceability and benchmarking across multiple remote sites. This leads to improved animal health, environmental living conditions, nutrition and an improved economic position for the farms through data monetisation through:

• real-time monitoring
• valuable data insights which drive productivity
• measuring factors that affect health, welfare and performance
• remote monitoring
• accurate data on environmental and health parameters
• reducing or eliminating manually data entry
• improving inaccuracy and inconsistency
• making data collection less labour intensive
• managing small issues when they occur and prevent them from turning into big costs.

Significant manual data entry is removed through a fully permissioned, secure platform with a library of links to any sensors or process controllers a farmer may use.

Sensor technology provided by Glas Data

Sensor technology provided, installed and supported by Glas Data constantly collects a stream of highly targeted and extremely accurate data from which producers can monitor, benchmark and inform decision-making on a wide range of inputs and outputs.

The agricultural Internet of Things (IoT) puts devices and sensors to work, collecting and delivering real-time data. They require very little maintenance and have a long battery life, leaving producers with more time for the tasks that really matter. IoT devices and sensors save time, money and reduce waste while boosting productivity and yield. Real-time alerts highlight poor performance and prevent small issues from turning into big costs.

“Real-time sensors deliver time and cost savings to drive productivity and it is easier to adapt to changing business needs by renting these sensors.”

Colin Phillipson, Glas Data Ltd

Three affordable sensor packages

Three carefully designed rental packages named Essentials, Comprehensive & Bespoke, make access to the technology affordable, covering maintenance and filter changes and new for old replacements. Additional sensors may be added to any package.

The Essential Sensor Package includes; an environment temperature and humidity sensor which allows real time temperature/humidity monitoring in houses, a light level (lux) sensor which allows the producer to see if the lights have come on and off at specific times without visiting the unit, a sound level sensor which allows the producer to determine the mood of the hens within the houses itself, a carbon dioxide sensor, a water meter/water pulse meter which provides digital recordings of water usage and real time alerts of water leaks through the night and if the water usage through the day varies from normal usage.

The Comprehensive Sensor Package includes; the five sensors in the Essentials package, an air pressure switch sensor which will give better feedback on ventilation within the unit, an electrical power monitor to measure electricity use digitally on farm/per shed/per flock and a weight sensor which gives producers better understanding of the amount of feed left in the silo on a daily basis and allows producers to have a better understanding of when to order feed,

The Bespoke Package will be tailored for specific customers following a consultation on their exact needs. An ammonia sensor will allow producers to monitor ammonia levels within the unit, gaining readings in real time so any adjustments can be made to ventilation and manage the birds health more easily – especially within pullet houses these sensors would help in the reduction of ammonia blindness.

For more information please contact Anne Fleck, Managing Director, Eggbase Ltd
T: +44 1539 766500
M: +44 7785 346664
E: sensors@

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