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Eggbase and Newquip Announce Smooth Integration With Big Dutchman to Bring Data Into the Eggsense Platform

Eggbase and Newquip have announced an integration with Big Dutchman, directly from BFN Fusion/Viper Touch systems.

Eggbase BigDutchman

Eggbase Ltd has announced an integration with Big Dutchman to bring data into the Eggsense platform, directly from one or many Big Dutchman BFN Fusion/Viper Touch systems. This smooth synchronisation of data removes the need for manual data entry and allows for correlations with data from other sources, benchmarking and advanced data analytics, leading to production efficiencies, optimisation, and actionable insights.

Complete compatibility between Big Dutchman BFN Fusion/Viper Touch systems and the Eggsense platform also supplies accurate activity data for the unique Eggbase egg and poultry carbon footprint calculator.

We will be coordinating closely with Newquip Ltd, the agent for Big Dutchman in Great Britain for customers in their region to facilitate this enhancement to our service.

Powerful software and data solutions

Eggbase is an innovative and independent provider of powerful software and data solutions specifically designed to promote the value of data for improving productivity, animal health, environmental living conditions and an improved economic position for poultry farmers.

Their new and improved Eggsense Analytics Dashboard provides blank, customisable axes, which allows users to compare any number of flocks using any number of variables, transforming the way in which Eggbase users are able to analyse, benchmark and present data. Giving users more data and information than ever before, the Eggsense Analytics Dashboard has new variables added regularly.

A unique egg and poultry carbon footprint tool

Eggbase have developed an exciting new carbon footprint tool using verified methodology, enabling the calculation of a full carbon footprint for individual pullet, egg layer and broiler flocks.

Fully integrated for easy data collection

The integration of carbon footprint calculations into Eggbase allows for full transparency and an audit trail of carbon footprint figures. It provides:

 individual flock or crop carbon footprint
 carbon footprint benchmarking across all flocks
 carbon footprinting across supplier groups of pullet rearers, egg layers or broiler growers
 assessment of the effect of changes in feed or other aspects of production on the carbon footprint
 easy remote collection of carbon footprint data by packers, retailers, feed suppliers or breeders

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