About Eggbase

A little insight into the team behind Eggbase



"Eggbase is a business intelligence tool for use in small or large enterprises with multiple remote farms and being web-based it allows for collaboration across the whole ecosystem".


Eggbase was founded in 2011 by Managing Director Anne Fleck. Many businesses in the egg and poultry sector now rely on Eggbase software.

Our broad range of agricultural, industrial, educational and software experience enables us to quickly grasp the unique concepts and intricacies of each project. We are able to offer ways in which Eggbase can further enhance your business processes and operations management.

Our approach is one of openness and client involvement and our aim is to leave you with software which is a crucial element of your business.

Eggbase will not stand still – we are dedicated to driving agri-IT data forward into a future of precision agriculture.

M.A., B.Sc.(Hons.), B.Eng.(Hons.) Chem. Eng.

Anne Fleck is a qualified chemical engineer who worked within large corporations such as ICI and Babcock Contractors as a process design and development engineer on computer control of chemical plant. After studying for her Masters degree in Computer Management Information Systems, she offered custom computer system design to many industry sectors before founding Eggbase Ltd in 2011.


Simon is an experienced SQL and MS Access developer who has been involved in database design and development for his entire career. Simon is working throughout the business but mainly with our packing clients to automate links with their grading machines and interface with third-party solutions.


Fenner has worked in IT since 1988. He has brought together a team of extremely talented and experienced developers who deliver on time and to the exact specification of the client. Fenner oversees the hosting and development of our cloud-based Eggbase software.


I have invested in eggbasePacker as well as
eggbaseProducer. The two systems integrate well and, if
used to their full potential, are very good.

Stephen Tulip, Lintz Hall Farm, Poultry World, February 2016.

Chippindales and Eggbase have recently enabled producers
to benefit from the automatic uploading of gradings from
eggbasePacker to producers’ flock performance software
(eggbaseProducer), giving them even faster and easier access
to key performance data. This has now been enhanced by
the launch of real-time benchmarking which enables
producers to compare their own physical and financial flock
performance against all current and past Chippindale producer flocks.

Peter Chignell, Chippindale Foods, BFREPA Yearbook 2015.


Use Eggbase as a platform for accessing and sharing data across geographically remote farms.

Use Eggbase for efficient and cost-effective peer support and field support.

Track, trace, support, analyse, benchmark, collaborate, compare, optimise, evaluate and identify trends with ease.

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Let us work in partnership with you and help you roll out Eggbase to your pullet rearers, layers, broiler growers or breeders. 

We have wide-ranging experience in the egg and poultry industry and solid software development skills. We are completely trustworthy and will protect your commercial confidentiality. Let us act as your software design partner to customise Eggbase to your specific requirements.

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