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Whole life story

Pullet data can be transferred to laying sheds to form the 'whole-life' story of a flock, whether you rear your own pullets or have pullet customers.

Benchmarking the 'whole-life' of flocks can influence your choice of breed, choice of pullet company and choice of feed.

Data sharing with your pullet customers promotes your company as open and innovative.

Data collaboration with your laying customers can give you feedback on your pullet rearing management strategies.


Eggbase was the first company in the UK to take advantage of the cloud to provide a full software-as-a-service solution for the egg and poultry industry, allowing for centralisation and sharing of data,

Your data is valuable. Eggbase is independent. The choice of who you share your data with is yours. We uphold the Data Protection Act and only allow access to your data to those you have asked to sign our Software As A Service agreement.

There are two different levels of benchmarking -  performance across any of your own current and historical flocks and performance compared to other producers' flocks.

There are many beneficial reasons to undertake benchmarking:

Performance analysis
Peer support
Field support from feed suppliers or vets, for example - either on farm or remotely
Impose a data structure on large enterprises with geographically remote farms
Producer collaboration in pullet trials, feed trials, medical trials and research projects
Influence choice of breed, choice of pullet, choice of pullet supplier, choice of feed, choice of feed supplier or choice of management strategy

In addition to our standard benchmarking reports, bespoke reports can be requested to carry out any particular project eg identify production trends for different breeds or evaluate the success of particular flock management techniques. Bespoke reporting at this level maintains your commercial confidentiality and we pride ourselves on working on a one-to-one basis with all our clients.

Eggbase is offered on a monthly subscription basis for hosting, training and all telephone, Skype or email support.

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