Broiler breeders and layer breeders

Eggbase in partnership with you

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Let us help you roll out eggbase to your broiler breeder farms or layer breeder farms

We understand the vagaries and time constraints of rolling out Eggbase to multiple broiler breeder farms or layer breeder farms.

Let us take on the set-up and training needs for all those in your group and bring them up to speed swiftly so you benefit in good time.


We have worked in partnership with companies who wished to gain a picture of their existing data use before planning their implementation of Eggbase. We can cast an independent set of eyes over the information flow in your business with a view to increasing efficiency.

Eggbase is an essential tool for knowledge management

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Let us work in partnership with you and help you roll out Eggbase to your pullet rearers, layers, broiler growers or breeders. 

We have wide-ranging experience in the egg and poultry industry and solid software development skills. We are completely trustworthy and will protect your commercial confidentiality. Let us act as your software design partner to customise Eggbase to your specific requirements.

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