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eggbasePacker is a comprehensive, independent, software application for traceability and back-office administration in egg packing stations.

It is available in modules which can be customised to a client’s specific requirements, enabling the client to control the development direction of the database and ensure a match with their own business processes.

Available modules include:

Management of producers, houses and their flocks.

Demonstrate legislative compliance and salmonella testing regimes.

Import data from grading machines – both digital and print-only graders.

Trace incoming egg and off-grader egg.

Analyse ungraded stock and grading results.

Prepare, disseminate and financially analyse farm bills.

Predict grading results of ungraded stock and forecast production by egg size over any time period.

Automatically upload grading results to a producer’s Eggbase application.

Trace and financially analyse the sale and purchase of traded egg.

Monitor laboratory quality control.

Analyse farm seconds.

Monitor the use of plastic trays.


Incoming egg and grading results may be entered manually, brought in automatically in batches or set up as a real-time version with manual backup.

eggbasePacker is in use at packing stations with new and older Moba, Staalkat and Diamond grading machines. Data can be synchronised from fully digital grading machines such as the Moba Omnia. We also liaise with Ovotrack b.v. or other software systems to receive grading results from a grading machine. Data can be batch imported from older print-only grading machines using our Eggbox converter.

Types of graded seconds eg cracks, dirties, rough, misshapes may be brought through and added to farm bills if required.


We work on a one-to-one basis to integrate a client’s own Eggbase solution with their existing business systems.

Examples of links with third party software include:

Transfer of grading results and average graded egg weight to a producer’s Eggbase application for on-farm analysis of graded egg size.

Integration of laboratory quality data from TSS equipment to a flock’s record in Eggbase for on-going graphical analysis against breed standard eg haugh unit, egg weight, albumen height, yolk colour.

Export remittance advice values to accounts packages for payment eg Sage, Pegasus Opera, Quickfile.

Create BEIC Ungraded Lion Egg Movement Weekly Sales Summary and Weekly Purchase Summary spreadsheets.

Links with a full ERP solution for customer relationship management, sales order processing, works order processing, financials and logistics. For those packers not large enough to warrant a full ERP system, Eggbase offers a simplified customer orders, deliveries, invoicing and sales reporting module.

If a packer still uploads grading results to their own website for producers who do not have their own Eggbase application, eggbasePacker can automatically export results to the website.


Let us work in partnership with you and help you roll out Eggbase to your pullet rearers, layers, broiler growers or breeders. 

We have wide-ranging experience in the egg and poultry industry and solid software development skills. We are completely trustworthy and will protect your commercial confidentiality. Let us act as your software design partner to customise Eggbase to your specific requirements.

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