Duck, quail or geese enterprises

Rollout Eggbase to your duck, quail or goose egg producers and increase your commercial advantage

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Benefit from remote access to your duck egg producers' data

Take advantage of cloud-based software to remotely gain access to your duck, quail or goose egg producers' flock performance data for efficient and cost-effective field support. Benefit from the same logical data collection format across your duck, quail or goose egg producers.

Increase your commercial advantage

Analyse across your duck, quail or goose egg producers' sheds and flocks to influence choice of breed, choice of feed and choice of management strategy. Introduce collaboration in feed trials, medical trials and research projects.. Request bespoke reports to carry out any particular project e.g. identify production trends for different breeds of bird or evaluate the success of particular flock management techniques. Bespoke reporting maintains your commercial confidentiality and we pride ourselves on working on a one-to-one basis with all our clients.

Eggbase is an asset capable of growing the value of your business.

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Use Eggbase as a platform for accessing and sharing data across geographically remote farms.

Use Eggbase for efficient and cost-effective peer support and field support.

Track, trace, support, analyse, benchmark, collaborate, compare, optimise, evaluate and identify trends with ease.

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